The Expat Confessions


There are hundreds of thousands of South African expatriates who love - or hate - South Africa from a distance. Some of them feel nothing for the old country at all. Some of them pine for it. They are often misunderstood by the people back home, and are reviled as much as they are missed. Finally - here is a book that lets them speak out.

Their stories are surprising, funny, tragic, heartfelt, frustrating, racist and sometimes even quite sad. They are The Expat Confessions.

FInd out:
* how they did it
* what expats miss and what they don't miss about South Africa
* what it's really like living abroad - what they hate, what they love
* how many famous and successful South Africans are out there
* whether expats are really planning on moving back to South Africa
* what the stayers back home have always wanted to say to them.

Ted Botha became an expatriate in 1995, Jenni Baxter in 1990. He moved to New York via France, she to Australia by way of London. In their new countries, they created new lives, built new homes, made new friends and learned how to talk with a different accent. But there was one thing that neither of them ever forgot - South Africa. In fact, it was because of their South African connection and the well-known website that the two met, became firm friends and decided to tell the story of what it's like to be a South African abroad.


- Kismet. It's that easy
- Coping

The Expat Confessions


the book that's got south africans ted botha and jenni baxter

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'The Expat Confessions - the book that's got South Africans Ted Botha & Jenni Baxter